Reach out to others

Donate and gift the book + the FREE course: $17 for one E-Book, and $27 for one paperback

Shipping cost:
USA – $3.50
International – $22

Instructions on how to give:

Select the gift card amount and type in the email address(es) of those you are sending the book and course access to. Please separate emails with a comma. The quantity will automatically be updated. After successful payment, an email with the gift code and instructions on how to apply the gift code will be sent to each email address.

When you order the paperback or E-Book as a gift, a Gift Card will be sent to your friend’s email address(es). The Gift Card has a link to redeem the book and course.

Gift card amounts:
$17 (E-Book + Course)
$30.50 (Paperback + Course and shipping inside USA)
$48 (Estonian/Russian paperback and shipping outside USA)
$49 (Paperback + Course and shipping outside USA)

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