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"In 2016 the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, likened anti-Semitism to a 'virus,' adding that 'it is a shameful truth that, through its theological teachings, the church, which should have offered an antidote, compounded the spread of this virus.'” –
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This book is mandatory reading to all believers that are seeking for the truth with all their heart. This is a call to all believers to be informed, allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth of the Gospel made in Zion. There is a great need among us to know the Holy Scriptures' historical and cultural context. Only then we can reject all lies of the replacement theology and overcome anti-Semitism that, with its poison, has contaminated all humankind. “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).
Maritza Gotelli, Peru
Truths of the Kingdom revealed by Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman are like crystal clear water flowing all the way from Zion's pure well. Teaching is a sharp sword accompanied by God-given authority to separate soul and spirit, confronting all fleshliness, lukewarmness, and self-deception. It truly goes deep, showing the blind spots of your mindset, theology, and belief system. If you love the Truth, you will love this! “The Identity Theft” and the GRI online course builds you up and gives you even more hunger for the Truth, Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah, and the Gospel made in Zion.
Apostle Sana Enroos, Sweden

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Discover how a Jewish Messiah became a Roman Christ that hates Jews

Did you know that in Christianity, anti-Semitism is like a widespread virus? Anti-Semitism is not decreasing, but in 2019 increased 32% in America only (1). Unfortunately, this is the situation in most countries where Christianity took root. But this is not the Jewish Savior’s doing! He loves His People and so must we.
(1) Belt, Deb. “Extremism, Anti-Semitism In Florida: 68 Incidents In 2019.” Tampa, FL Patch, Patch, 20 Feb. 2020,

GRI will dismantle the theological lies that have been covered up since the 4th century!

Throughout history, Christian anti-Semitism has grown due to a lack of education about the Jewish roots of faith in the Messiah, the Jewish people, and Israel. Take the online course to get educated and be set free to set others free and prevent another Holocaust.

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